“Thewmatt” is the thewological form of the name Matthew. Of course now you’re probably asking yourself “What the heck is thewological”?

In high school my friend Michael Chozick called me “thew”, because he felt that the latter part of names was too often overlooked in favor of the first part—in this case “Matt”. I felt that this made a lot of sense, so I went along with it and we became chael and thew. Thewology was born. Oddly enough we came up with all of this without the use of drugs, illicit or otherwise.

From that day forward “Thewology” went on to become featured on Yahoo!’s “Cool Links” page (back when that meant something) and a butchered definition and incorrect usage on Urban Dictionary written by a total stranger.

When it came time to register a domain for my portfolio out of school I discovered that wetzler.com was already taken by a clamp manufacturer in the northeast, and matthewwetzler.com just seemed too long. With thewmatt.com it works even when people mistakenly say “The ‘W’ Matt” thanks to my last name... kind of.